Guild Wars 2 Sells Two Million Copies Already

Tyria has taken the real world by storm! NC Soft has announced that shortly after they resumed digital sales they reached the milestone. They actually had to postpone digital sales on their official website because demand on the servers was too high. The speed that they could get new servers up was too slow to combat the amount of incoming players. It says a lot about Arena Net to actually stop sales, though. They want Guild Wars 2 to be an enjoyable game in all aspects, and that includes lag and connection experiences.

I’ve been playing the game since pre-launch and although I had issues selecting a class before, I settled on the Necromancer and made it to level 30. I’ve been experience a lot in those thirty levels but I’m awaiting my first dungeon run either tonight or tomorrow to finally begin my review.

Stay tuned for Leviathyn’s review of Guild Wars 2 and if you are apart of the first two million, let us know what you think below!