Black Ops 2 Is Finally Confirmed For The Wii U, Has Exclusive Features

This has been a rumor for quite some time now. The big question was if it was going to be full-featured or not. Well, make that two big questions because multiplayer was rumored to be limited for Call of Duty’s debut on the new Nintendo home console.

Today the game was finally announced and details are pretty interesting. The game seems to be a 100% complete CoD experience and it isn’t a port, either. This game has been made from the ground up to incorporate new features for the Wii U. They don’t sound tacky, either. They sound helpful, especially if you have a friend over. You can use a Pro Controller to play on the TV while your friend uses the Gamepad and its screen to play Co-Op or multiplayer and not have to split the big screen. That sounds awesome.

Oh and yes, solo players can decide to use the Gamepad instead of the TV in case someone wants to watch the Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones while you want to kill virtual soldiers and terrorists.

Stay tuned for more info the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 as soon as it hits.