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Ubisoft’s UPlay Could Add Third Party Games

Ubisoft’s Stephanie Perotti told MCV that the company’s relaunched UPlay service could host third party games.

“We remain open to opportunities,” Perotti told MCV during last week’s Digital Days conference in Paris.

“Right now, we’re starting the service with our own games, but as we go forward, we plan to potentially add other titles. The plan for UPlay goes beyond digital distribution,” said Perotti.

“We continue to evolve the service across all platforms, including PC, console and mobile. The more Ubisoft games you play, the more rewards you can get, as well as several online services that players would expect,” she added.

UPlay originally launched in 2009 as an Achievement like system that rewarded gamers for specific actions in Ubisoft titles. It was recently relaunched to allow players to download games.