Inafune Announces New Zombie Game

Okay, yes, zombie game announcements are a dime a dozen these days, but we all know that if there’s anyone in this world who can make one, it’s Keiji Inafune.

The creator of Mega Man has been behind Onimusha, Dead Rising, and Resident Evil, and today, he announced that he’s bringing zombies back once again in a mix of “action, ninjas, and mechs”.

Called YAIBA, the game is the second to be created by Inafune’s new game development studio Comcept. He wasn’t able to fully disclose many details surrounding the game itself, but gave us a look at the new title with the teaser trailer seen below.

There’s not much to go on from the trailer other than the obvious existence of ninjas, zombies, blood, and the tagline “the dead will die again”.

Expect to hear more from Inafune in the coming months as YAIBA continues in its development.

(Source: Game Informer)