Buy Pokemon Black and White 2 early, get Genesect

Looks like Nintendo is finally learning to embrace DLC, albeit launch DLC. Even so, at least it’s free! Being that Pokemon Black and White Version 2 are, well, Pokemon games, the content of the DLC is not a mystery to anyone, unless you live under a rock.

For those of you who play either version from October 12 to November 12, you will be able to get Genesect, a Bug/Steel-type Pokemon that is trying its hardest to appear like Metal Gear. This Pokemon will only be available through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and only for those who purchase and play Pokemon Black and White 2 within the previously given time frame.

In addition, Nintendo revealed two areas exclusive to its color-coded game: “Black Tower” and “White Treehollow.” In these two areas, you can battle high-leveled Pokemon in maps that are randomized as you trudge through them.


Source: Joystiq