pray for dark

Pray For Dark is Not Survival Horror, it’s Psycho-Terror

Vaylr Studios is running a Kickstarter to fund development of their new game, Pray For Dark, from now until October 14, 2012.

Pray For Dark was inspired by Sewer Man, a painting by the legendary artist Gerald Brom. Valyr contacted Brom and got his permission to use the characters for their game, which puts them off to a great start. The setting of the game is described as “1930’s art deco style infused with Edisonian technology with a steampunk flavor.”

A horde of mutant creatures lives in the sewers underneath New Eden, but now they’re starting to take to the streets. Only Angel, a bounty hunter who’s forced into the labyrinthine underground of New Eden can kill the legions of monsters that stand between him and the Queen Mother. There’s a unique twist to the game: Angel’s blind. Echo location and Night Vision will help you navigate the sewers and tunnels underneath the city, but who knows it that’ll be enough to let you succeed?

Angel’s weapon upgrades along the way and uses “juice” to gain new powers and abilities that can be used to do things like slow time, incinerate objects and even bring rage on your enemies.

Valyr’s Kickstarter features rewards like t-shirts, a model of Angel’s weapon and also beta testing access. Check it out for yourself here and support Indie Developers!