Closure: Light and Dark

A spidery demon and three human characters must navigate through a world lit only by the smallest amounts of light in Closure. The story isn’t revealed up front, you need to look for hints and clues in the game that will help you decipher what’s going on, though the conclusions you draw may be different than what another player comes up with.

Closure teaches you how to play with the spider demon level. In the very beginning, the keys you must press are even above the places where you need to use them. The tutorial ends up being more entertaining and so the skills come to you quicker and you remember them. The arrow keys work in this game to move the characters around, and you can change each of the other ones to something you find comfortable, though if you do so the helpful key hints in the tutorial won’t make sense. The darkness in Closure is one that devours, so if you move over an area and it goes dark, then a pit might develop and if you try to cross back, well you’ll probably fall in. The first object you get is the light ball, which allows you to move and not fall through the floor. It also illuminates pieces of the world so that you can find the way out of each level and progress to the next. By moving boxes, manipulating the light balls, or riding the glow of the light as it moves throughout the level, you learn what the challenge is for each particular stage, though the goal remains the same: get to the door that leads to the next level, and the next puzzle. A definitely good feature in a game where things can fall through the floor is the reset level key, which puts everything back the way it was when the level started. That way if you make a mistake, the entire game isn’t over and you can keep on playing.

Because the story is one you have to work out for yourself, the puzzles become the important part of the game. Solving them gets you to the next one, which may or may not reveal more of what’s going on. The carnival level is my favorite by far. The music is very important in this game as well. It adds the extra atmosphere that is lost by only being able to see a little of the world at a time. I really enjoyed the soundtrack, and might just play it while I’m working on other stuff.

Solving puzzles in Closure becomes addictive, and there’s plenty of little things to discover in the dark. This game rewards exploration of each and every inch that you can possibly reveal with the light ball by having plenty of Easter eggs to collect along the way, which also encourages replays to find them all.

Closure is available for PC through Steam.

Paul reviews Closure: Light and Dark for the PC.

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