From Illusion Labs comes Blast-A-Way, a new puzzle game with some interesting and unique gameplay mechanics.

Taking control of one of three robot heroes, you’re tasked with rescuing the helpless little Boxies who have managed to find themselves scattered throughout the world.

In order to complete levels and save as many of the Boxies as possible, you’ll use a variety of bombs to navigate the environment around you. Bombs range from the destructive Impact Bombs that explode upon, well, impact, to the teleport bombs that help you move across the area and score a different vantage point to proceed. From there, you’ll also use sitcky destructive bombs, bombs to rebuild, gates to change colors, and even use different platforms to bounce your bombs around an environment. They’re all scattered throughout the game and will require strategy and careful planning in order to successfully complete a stage.

Environments are laid out in 3D and made up of different-colored blocks and shapes. In order to manipulate the blocks, you’ll have to use a bomb of the same color, adding a new layer of challenge to the game as players attempt to clear levels. There are different worlds featuring new challenges and obstacles, and while you can merely charge through and only look for the end solution for each level right away, you’ll have to rescue a certain number of Boxies in order to move on to the next world and set of levels, adding another layer of replayability to the game.

The game utilizes intuitve touch controls to navigate the screen; click and drag a path to show the robot where to go, tap and hold to aim and gauge the power and height of the throw, and spin the environment around using your finger to see from new vantage points and improve your aim. It works well and is seamless to a degree, although some precision suffers on the iPhone, due to the smaller screen size.

Puzzles are intuitive and well-designed, maintaining a fairly linear feel as you go about solving them. It’ll challenge you, but solutions present themselves readily when you take the time to evaluate the area around you, meeting that sweet spot of challenging, yet satisfying that so many puzzle games struggle with. The result is a fun and creative game that keeps you engaged and introduces new elements and challenges often enough to prevent the gameplay from ever getting stale.


Blast-A-Way is a satisfying and fun puzzle game worthy of attention from both the casual and hardcore gaming crowds. It’s unique, it’s challenging, and it’s a solid example of how good a puzzle game can be in the mobile sphere, making it a must buy for your mobile gaming fix.

Cassidee reviews Blast-A-Way for the iPhone.

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