Report: Vivendi Still Keen On Activision Sale

Activision-Blizzard’s French owner Vivendi is still interested in shedding the publisher for €8 billion ($10.23 billion) according to a CVG source.

A deal to sell Activision “absolutely remains under consideration” the source says.

According to the site Microsoft negotiated with Vivendi but talks stalled over the asking price. For Sony, struggling with huge losses, the deal was an immediate non-starter – Sony has already splashed out $380 million to buy Gaikai earlier this year and would be extremely hard pressed to come up with the cash for the Call of Duty and World of Warcraft publisher.

Philippe Capron, Vivendi’s financial director, last week ruled out a “straight break-up” between the firms media and telecoms operations.

Capron – who is also chairman of the board of Activision Blizzard – stated that Vivendi “does not have to sell anything or do anything immediately.”

However, Vivendi’s debts have risen to €14 billion ($17.91 billion) and shares in the company have fallen by half since 2007. Selling Activision would alleviate a sizable portion of those debts.