Cammy In Real Life: An Interview With MMA Star and Gaming Fan Felice Herrig

After a unanimous decision victory over Simona Soukupova at the recent XFC 19, MMA fighter Felice Herrig has added another win to an already-impressive fight record of 7-4. Coming from a long and decorated history of Muay Thai and American Kickboxing championships, Felice made the move to Mixed Martial Arts a few years ago and continues to move up in the ranks as she takes on all comers at 115 pounds.

But when she’s not beating up opponents in the cage, Felice likes to appeal to her geeky side. A longtime superhero fan and retro gamer, Felice enjoys unwinding with a good game and showing her support for Wonder Woman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She even had the chance to appear in and promote Kung Fu Factory’s Supremacy MMA as one of the few female fighters in the game’s roster.

Felice sat down with us recently to talk all things MMA and gaming.

1) Tell me about your fighting background; how you got started, highlights of your career, your transition to MMA, and where you’re looking to go. 

I grew up watching my Dad and brother in law in martial arts. I started American style kickboxing and boxing at age 18. I won 2 IKF and 2 W.A.K.O world and National titles. 3 years later i was chosen to appear on the reality tv show “Fight Girls” with no muay thai experience. I ended up winning the show and beating the thai champion in Thailand. After that I turned pro. Fought for Chuck Norris’s World Combat League on the Versus channel. I went 5 and 1 in muay thai and took on the Japanese champion in Japan and the American Champion Kate Meehan, then beat her and took the IKF Womens Bantamweight US title. I also fought and beat Emily Bearden, the WKA champion. I am currently still ranked number 2 in the world in Muay Thai at 115.

I would love to fight muay thai again, since this hasn’t happened in 2 years. At the moment, my combined muay thai, kickboxing and boxing record in my ammaeture and pro fights is 27 w 3 L and 1D

I hosted a local show called “Combatwire” on CLTV going to different MMA gyms and interviewing differant MMA fighters such as Clay Guida, Miguel Torres and Bas Rutten. Thats what really exposed me to MMA. I knew it was the next step for me. I started training MMA and had to start at the pro level with no MMA experience. No jiu jitsu, no wrestling, no form of grappling at all. I am now ranked number 8 at 115 in MMA.

2) What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to face in your fighting career?

The emotional aspect of fighting is the hardest. The inconsistencies, training so hard for a fight and having fighters back out last minute after youve put in all the work and cut the weight. Theres alot of sacrifices put in for actually a very lil pay off. Most fighters know that it’s not about the money. But fighting does seem to leave many fighters financially unstable. More so because of all the inconsistencies.
Then, of course, there’s all the dieting and cutting weight and training with all men and having no female training partners. The biggest obstacle is overcoming all the difficulties and staying true to the sport and my dreams and knowing one day it will all pay off. It’s easy to quit. It’s not easy to stay in the fight game. But here I am 10 years later and 42 fights in. You just can’t get rid of me.

3) What’s your earliest gaming memory?

I remember playing Atari when i was really young…ahh back to the joy stick days. and the game was always freezing up and you’d have to take it out and blow on it and restart it.

4) Tell me a bit about your experience with Supremacy MMA. What did you learn from it overall?

I was the first female fighter to actually have my character in a video game. That game was Supremacy MMA. I really enjoyed the making of the game and all the appearances. I even got to go to London and promote the game. I watched the stages of progression that Kung Fu factory did in developing the game. Overall it was just a great experience. I mean who wouldnt want to be in a video game? Right?

5) What’s the strangest encounter you’ve ever had with a fan?

Theres a fine line between Fan and Fanatic…I’ve had some pretty strange encounters… First off I am on Wikifeet…( http://www.wikifeet.com/Felice_Herrig)  a wikipedia site for my feet, which I find kinda weird in and of itself.
Also a few years back when I was on the tv show “Fight Girls” I had a couple come into the salon I was working at and set up an appointment and as soon as the door closed they handed me a good set of 20 8x10s for me to sign and a wrestling ring the guy made for me to sign..and for the next few years they were at every one of my appearances, including my birthday party, which just means they had to REALLY go out of their way to stalk me and my whereabouts. I’m just a normal person and I dont like when people just don’t know when to draw the line and give me my personal space.

6) Describe yourself as a gamer.

I’m more of an old school gamer. I love all the fighting games such as Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter…oh and who could forget Punchout… I also enjoy playing dumb lil’ games on my Alienware such as Tetris and Rattler race. Those games seem to take my mind off of things. I’ve also been working with Alienware for about 2 years now and they’re really exposing me to the wonderful world of gaming. Who knows, maybe this year Il show up to E3 in a Cammy outfit 🙂

7) Cammy or Chun Li from Street Fighter?

You would think I would say Chun Li since my last fight outfit on XFC 19 was Chun Li inspired…but it’s still Cammy all the way. I’m told I am the human version of Cammy.

8) Batman or Superman?

Batman…I personally think superman is a meat head sissy…I can say that right? Because hes not real!! * people are gunna hate me*

9) Favorite game character:
Cammy from street fighter

10) Favorite Superhero:

Wolverine….I’m also very fond of Raphael from TMNT, but with him not being Marvel or DC im not sure how the die hard comic fans feel about him being a super hero….I’ll just call him my super hero crush.

To find out more about what Felice is up to in gaming and MMA, follow her on Twitter and Facebook:

@feliceherrig, the Felice Herrig fan page

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  1. John Jimkoski

    Cool that you started with Atari, me too. Do you have Steam and Street Fighter 4 on your Alienware Laptop? Too bad creepy fans give the normal ones a bad rap. And you have my vote for most improved fighter in all of MMA!

  2. Kurt Johnson

    absolutely loved the article!!! Great job!!! Hope to interview one day!! I am starting an MMA Radio show on October 11th on Unscriptedmma.com!!

  3. Robert Mule Adam

    Every nerds dream; a hot girl who can pull off dressing as a video game character but plays the games too. She just happens to be able to kick ass in real life as well. Can’t wait to watch her next fight. Never disappoints.

  4. Chris vail

    Great article….felice look forward to seeing what the future brings and your next fight:) keep training and doing your thing….

  5. William

    Really liked the article. Felice is a great fighter who just so happens to have a great personality. At my gym, we always say that mixed martial artists are the biggest geeks.

  6. Brian Blackmon

    Love the fact that the article was based around her career AND video games! MMA and video games are my two favorite past times. (Actually Muay Thai, but getting into MMA soon!)

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