Wonderbook Gets A Release Date

Wonderbook, the new PS3 periphery revealed by Sony at E3, will hit North American stores on 13th November. Wonderbook: Book of Spells (the first title to use the application) will cost $39.99 while a package including PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move controller will set you back $79.99.

Book of Spells is based on the Harry Potter universe and comes with J.K Rowling’s blessing. Other titles headed to Wonderbook include the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs and detective title Digg’s Nightcrawler.

While many felt that the Wonderbook demonstration at E3 was overlong and the weakest part of the platform holder’s media briefing parents will likely be interested come Christmas.

There have also been persistent rumors that Sony had originally intended to reveal the PS4 at E3 but when Microsoft backed out of an Xbox 720 reveal Sony gladly followed suite leading to a lengthy Wonderbook demonstration that didn’t quite so according to plan. You can watch the E3 video here.

Source: GamingExaminer

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