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Update: We have TWO beta keys to giveaway!

As luck has it, we have one two beta keys sitting right here for Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion. Although it is due to release soon, the beta is still running rampant and this is your chance to get in and check out the new features such as:

  • New Leveling Content – Levels 86-90 on the continent of Pandaria.
  • New Class: Monks, able to be damage, tank, or healer!

Everything else was released with the 5.0.4 patch but now you can try out the cool stuff.


Rules: All we ask you to do is comment on this thread detailing your favorite moment in WoW that you experienced. Be it from Vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath, or even Cataclym, let us know what the more memorable thing was that happened to you in-game. Make sure you sign in to comment using your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win.


All eligible entries must be put before midnight on September 6th, 2012. This contest is only for the 5th and will end as soon as the 6th hits. The winner will receive an e-mail from us with a key. At that point, you will have to log into your account to redeem the key.

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  1. Valathar

    When i finally killed LK 25 man HC the feeling was amazing.. but the thing that sealed the moment was the cinematic “The fall of the Lich King” imo that was and always will be the best cinematic in wow. It bought a tear to my eye.. it was.. amazing!!!! 😀

  2. Narrko

    Rolling new toons at the start of each expansion. Nothing quite like the feeling of freedom at the hands of a new character.

  3. BK

    It wasn’t finishing any heroic raid or anything like that, but it was the time spent with casual guildies running old content. While I like to be on the forefront of raiding, when you’re only focusing on boss mechanics and hard numbers, there isn’t much time to stop and smell the mageroyal. I would occasionally run things with my casual guildies, and a 2 hour run of heroic Steamvault comes to mind. They’d wander off in between pulls and find random things throughout. On pulls we’d divine intervention the tank, use tricks on the warlock then do a killing spree with blade flurry active, pretty much try to kill each other using the enemies. Beyond that, the way my causal guild friends approach the game isn’t to min-max, but to just enjoy it. It was time spent with those people that helped re instil that sense of wonder everyone had when they first started and it was a great big unknown world.

  4. Andreas Grech

    I might sound like an old fart who’s stuck in the past, but nostalgia’s really a bitch.

    I still remember the day when our guild downed Ragnaros for the first time during a vanilla 40-man raid. We used to visit MC every single day of the week, from 6.30 (sharp) till about 11 in the evening. I’m not gonna lie, but it was hard work…and to be honest, some of the days it felt more like an actual “job” rather than a game. And to be honest, I don’t how we managed to gather 40 players every day for the raid.

    Note that all of this was before wowhead and all the countless sites that exist today…and I think the only prominent one back then was Thottbot.

    This means that for every boss, we had to find and implement our own tactics…and with 40-man, that’s far from trivial.

    But of course, the satisfaction that you got when you actually downed the boss was proportional with the work that was involved in killing him…with your own strategy that you had successfully developed over the past couple of months.

    Mind you, I still enjoy playing the game nowadays and although the feeling is different, it’s still pretty good and I still enjoy it daily.

    On a similar note, the times when I really felt good was during organized pvp groups…especially in Arathi Basin. Those impromptu one on ones and two vs two on the way to farm were priceless, and you really feel the satisfaction when you successfully down an enemy without any external help.

  5. Mike

    I’m definitely going to have to go with the experiences caused by some industrious hunters to pull Omen all the way to the Crossroads, or even Orgrimmar. It was terrifying and awesome to have to flee to the outskirts of the city/town whilst tripping over the bones of your fallen allies.

  6. Kyle Engleson

    Finally downing Kael’Thas after literal months of learning. Felt like such an accomplishment given the fight mechanics, and finally keying for the big bad Mount Hyjal. We proceeded to walk into Hyjal that night “just to check it out” and got Rage Winterchill down to 30% without anyone knowing what was really going on.

  7. Stella

    Right after BC came out I got my husband to start playing. We shared a little laptop, taking turns playing our characters. Months later we finally were able to get a new PC, we were now able to play at the same time! We spent that entire night leveling new blood elves together, and it was amazing, and so much fun! We’ve played almost nonstop since then, but that first time we got to play together will always be in our minds as a wonderful time to remember.

  8. Tugful

    My very first Rated Battleground that i had ever ran. It was an Arathi Basin game, in which the final score was 1600 – 1580 with us as the victor. We were down by quite a bit midway through the game, but eventually pulled it out. Favorite experience in WoW by far.

  9. Caramor

    Probably levelling that little bit extra after each expansion! It just feels so great knowing that there is new content out there waiting to be discovered and it is just an amazing feeling lol.

  10. CJ

    Season 2 arenas were hands down my all time favorite part of WoW. 2v2’s with my best friend as a mace stun rogue and an arms warrior. We weren’t the greatest but I remember staying up all night jacked up on warm rum and cokes and just going hard. The arenas were awesome but the best part had to have been the S2 gear. To this day rogue season 2 is still my favorite, and just grinding arenas with my best friend all weekend was too much fun. Also premades were awesome at that time because you knew you were going to steamroll whoever was in your way. And now you got me ranting. I miss vanilla and BC. Hopefully MoP delivers.

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