Video Breakdown: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Konami rolled out a long list of Metal Gear news last week in honor of the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Among the news was a new social game, hintings at a Metal Gear Movie, and a Fox engine demo that quickly became an announcement for an all-new game in the series: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

We still don’t know a ton about this new game, but what we do know is this; it’s a prologue, sees the return of some familiar faces, and it looks damn good. Contrary to popular belief, the game will not be debuting on next-gen consoles, instead releasing on PlayStation 3 and eventually Xbox 360 (and presumably PC, since the demo shown here is running on one).  So what were our thoughts on the 10-minute plus gameplay demo shown at their event?


Hideo Kojima kept us waiting and for good reason. When I heard that Ground Zeroes was going to be open world I was excited but afraid the game wouldn’t be able to keep the Metal Gear feel. Welp, I was totally wrong to have that doubt. Kojima and Co. were able to make Ground Zeroes look, feel, and sound like a Metal Gear game while transcending the series with this new direction.
As reported that this is a prequel to MGS5, it seems that will finally tell the tale of Solid Snake’s adventure between Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear Solid. Something happened to make Snake disenchanted with the field of work and the FOX Unit and I hope we find out in Ground Zeroes.
The Fox Engine looks absolutely fantastic and I was not surprised to see that the footage seen before Snake gets playable was in-game, perhaps slightly rendered, footage. I really wonder if this will perform well enough on the current gen consoles. At least I know I’ll be upgrading my PC to get this at the level of this presentation.
That’s my response.
Seriously. Put that and a picture of Andy Samberg’s “jizzed in my pants” face. I am unable to process any actual response, because whenever I watch it I HHHHHNNNNNNNGGGGHHHHHH.
There, see? Did it again.
The Metal Gear Universe is getting pretty vast and with each new game, the chance of mucking things up grows greater. Before I watched the trailer, all I knew about the game was that it was coming. This trailer BLEW ME AWAY! Not only does it look like it will feature the story telling and lively characters we’ve come to expect from Hideo Kojima, but it also appears he will once again raise the bar by pushing the graphics of a system to their limit. I was speechless when the gameplay finally kicked in and was utterly shocked when it was revealed that it would appear on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As one who is not quite ready to embrace a new generation of consoles I was relieved by this news. I cannot wait to see what new tricks and gadgets Big Boss will have at his disposal and I look forward to meeting the newest Metal Gear itself. Hopefully, like Peace Walker, instead of just one new mech, we’ll get several.
Wow. That pretty much sums up my opinion of this video. Wow at the presentation, wow at the dramatic moments, wow at the grim, Metal-Gearish feel that they managed to capture with masterful simplicity. But most of all WOW, does this game look good.
It’s not clear where this game falls into the Metal Gear timeline (good luck figuring any of that out anyway, right?). But hot damn, does it look interesting, from the Freddie Kruger-ish man and the boy in the cage in the beginning to the Sam Fisher-ed out Big Boss toward the end. When he started army crawling on the ground around the base, I’ll admit I got a little excited. That is what Metal Gear Solid is all about, and it looks like we’re heading back toward the glory days with it.
It’s been said that you’ll have to adjust tactics and that the game will change accordingly whenever you alert the enemy to your presence. Again, it’s not known how this will affect gameplay or what form it will take, but that’s a pretty awesome idea. Instead of scrambling for boxes to hide in, you’ll have to outsmart the enemy in order to escape and continue with completing your main objective.
And running in real time, this game looks incredible. Water effects look convincing and beautiful, textures are detailed and lifelike, and the animation is smooth and fluid. The flawlessness of the Fox Engine in this demo is almost a work of art.
Sure, I’m mildly excited about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but this is something that stood out to me even more. It’s a true return to what makes a Metal Gear game so great, and that’s something we’ve been ready for for a long time.