EA’s Gibeau: New IP Doesn’t Make Sense So Late In Console Cycle

Electronic Arts’ labels president Frank Gibeau has told that it doesn’t make sense to develop new IP this late in a console generation.

“The time to launch an IP is at the front-end of the hardware cycle, and if you look historically the majority of new IPs are introduced within the first 24 months of each cycle of hardware platforms,” Gibeau said. “In this cycle we’ve been directing our innovation into existing franchises.

“If you look at what we’re putting into Need For Speed: Most Wanted we’re taking a lot of risks there, the same thing withBattlefield – you have to admit that, from Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3, there’s a huge amount of change there,” he concluded.

Gibeau also revealed that EA is working on “three to five new IPs” for the next generation of consoles.

While EA may not be willing to bet on the success of new IP Sleeping Dogs has been quite successful while there is significant interest in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs which is slated for release this generation. At gamescom Capcom announced new IP Remember Me.

Among the new IP Sony is publishing on current generation platforms is Beyond: Two Souls, The Last Of Us, Tearaway, Rain, Puppeteer and Until Dawn.

What do you think? Are new IP doomed to fail so late in a console cycle? Or can new franchises find space among sequels and spin-offs?