Angry Birds Spin Off Bad Piggies Coming September 27th

Do you find yourself thinking you need more Angry Birds in your life? Do you connect with the antagonist of the Angry Birds series and wish you could have a game that explores the pig’s side of the story? Then today is your lucky day, my friend.

Developer Rovio announced today that the mischevious green pigs the Angry Birds have anger issues towards are officially getting their own iOS game called Bad Piggies, complete with “all new, never-before-seen gameplay – and not a slingshot in sight!”

We’re not quite sure what “all-new gameplay” entails. A matching puzzler? An in-depth, immersive RPG? A stealth-based game where you help the pigs steal the eggs? (Actually, that sounds kind of awesome…) But, we’ll find out more when the game hits iOS, Android, and Mac on September 27th.

(Source: Joystiq)