Square Enix Announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

At PAX, publisher Square Enix gave Final Fantasy fans exactly what they wanted by announcing a third game in their beloved Final Fantasy XIII series. Called Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it sees the return of, well, Lightning, as she tries to save the world from a quickly-ticking doomsday clock.

It’s said that we’re able to take more control of Lightning and her movement both in battle and as she explores a larger and more interactive environment.

This is the first game since the original Final Fantasy XIII where Lightning will be the main character, as she was missing for a majority of XIII-2’s story.

We’re told this will be the last time the heroine appears in a Final Fantasy game.

How do you feel about this? Are you excited for a third game in the XIII series, or do you want a new Final Fantasy game altogether?

(Source: Game Informer)