Eight Things Every Gamer is Guilty of Doing

As gamers, we’ve forged our own proud subculture, fostered by the myth and lore of games. We love our games, love reading about them, discussing them, and most of all, playing them.

We have our own little quirks, each just as individual as the person who has them. However, there are a few universal quirks every gamer has. These are eight actions every gamer has been guilty of at some point in their lives.

Rage Quits

Whether it’s an impossible platforming sequence, a difficult boss, or getting owned in the multiplayer arena, we’re all guilty of rage quits. It’s that moment when an ugly, undeniable sense of blinding rage finally bubbles over and we lose it, quickly taking out our anger on whatever the nearest possible outlet might be. Many a controller has been spiked, and many a pillow punched tanks to the fury of the rage quit.

Buying Merchandise

Yeah, I’ve thought about it. No, I haven’t caved…yet.

Even if you haven’t actually bought it, don’t try to tell me you haven’t looked at that triforce hoodie and pictured yourself in it on a night out. We’re all fans of at least one franchise (I hope), and it’s hard to deny that we’ve at least considered purchasing something to show our support, whether it’s a scale model statue of Cole McGrath to watch over our desks or a Black Ops poster hanging on your closet door just to show off the fact that you’re a proud member of the gaming community.

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them; the games that cause us to close the door before we play, just in case someone happens to see us playing them. Sure, they might admittedly be bad, but there’s something endearing about them that makes you overlook their shortcomings. Or, maybe you’re too blinded by nostalgia to care that it doesn’t hold up. Either way, we’ve all got them, and that’s something to be proud of.


Not Saving Enough

It happens to the best of us; you’re playing a large, engrossing RPG and get so into it that you  forget to save. Oh, you just got shot up by a minigun-toting Super Mutant not two seconds after defeating an entire gang of brutal raiders? Too bad…looks like you’re about to start back where you started thirty minutes ago.

There’s nothing more gut-wrenching than finding out you’re about to lose all of the progress you’ve worked so hard for, all because you didn’t save often enough.

And yeah, we’ve all done it.

Stalking Friends Online

You log onto your Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, or Steam account and see ta a few of your friends are online. What’s the first thing you do? Scroll over and see what they’re up to, of course. There’s no shame in stalking your friends to see what game they’re playing, what their gamer score is, seeing their achievement list, or even comparing game libraries. Keep in mind, they’re most likely doing it to you, too.

Buying Soundtracks

You play a game, and it has a great soundtrack. Naturally, what’s one thought that crosses your mind? Go to iTunes and see if it’s available, duh. Then you can feel like a badass as you listen to the Mass Effect theme while waiting for the bus, or work out to the epic sounds of Darksiders II (Seriously, it’s awesome.  I can’t say this enough). And even if you haven’t invested any of your pennies on game music, you’ve at least appreciated them and maybe even considered it. And i you haven’t, try. There’s something oddly epic and comforting about taking the dog for a walk with the soothing piano stylings of Final Fantasy XIII.


This is something everyone is guilty of…to a degree. We all have at least onebrand, game, or franchise that we love and will continuously defend despite the odds and whatever has been levied against it. Of course, a majority of us are sane and able to acknowledge the flaws when we see them, even if it tarnishes our fond memories.

And then there are the crazy, delusional fanboys who are blind to any mistakes their dearly beloved might be guilty of. Of course, they’re the loud (and mildly entertaining) minority that seems to inhabit internet message boards. But, it’s hard to deny that we’re not all at least mild fanboys about one thing or another.

Achievement / Trophy Hunting

Even if you’re not buying the Madagascar movie tie-in game for an easy few points to up your gamer score or trophy level, it’s hard to deny that there’s not a small amount of satisfaction gained from the pings and pops when achievements are earned (or the sliding notificaitons for PC…seriously, we gotta spruce that up, Steam). Don’t try to deny it.

What else are all gamers guilty of? Tell me your quirks in the comments below and in the Forums!