Who Would Play Who In A Metal Gear Solid Movie?

It was announced yesterday at Konami’s 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Metal Gear franchise that Avi Arad (X-Men, Spider-Man) is working in conjunction with Columbia Pictures to bring the twisted tale of Metal Gear Solid to the big screen.

Now, I’ve made it known before that I’m not a huge fan of game-to-movie adaptations, but I still get a little bit excited at the prospect of having  a film dedicated to the franchise, if for no reason other than to speculate on whether or not it will “get” the intricacies of Metal Gear’s story.

We don’t know anything further about the film other than they intend to bring it out. And we certainly don’t know any details about the story or the characters. But it’s always fun to dream, and it’s even more fun to argue. So, without any further ado, here’s my dream cast of actors to play some of Metal Gear’s Standout characters.

Big Boss

The one and only; the badass with the eye patch. Big Boss goes through quite a few aesthetic changes throughout the series’ evolution, but he always retains the same haggard, don’t-mess-with-him demeanor characteristic of a man who’s spent his whole life exposing dark and evil plots and taking out his enemies in vicious hand-to-hand CQC. For this reason, I chose the following:



Liam Neeson

He’s an older dude with some serious grit, and he’s more than proven he’s good in action roles. Slap an eye patch, trenchcoat, and rifle on him, and he’s practically the spit of the in-game Big Boss. Plus, he just seems to have that grizzled war hero air about him, which makes him a perfect fit for the role.

Sean Connery

Yeah, he’s old, but take a look at that picture from Metal Gear 2 and try to tell me that’s not a pixelated Sean Connery with an eye patch.

The Boss

The baddest lady in the MGS universe; Naked Snake’s mentor and eventual traitor. Who would do her the honors on the big screen?




Cate Blanchett

She might not necessarily have the same edge as The Boss, but she could definitely pull it off. Cate’s not new to roles like this one, and she could bring something to the performance with her background in fantasy films as oddball-ish characters. And if you close one eye and squint a little, she looks pretty similar to The Boss, no?

Katee Sackhoff

Most of you will remember her as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica. And for that reason, I’d love to see Katee take up Boss’ role. She has a tough, militaristic air about her that could really translate well to a performance of The Boss, and she looks pretty similar. Or maybe, like Cate, she’s just blonde and I’m clutching at straws.


The tortured youth killer Snake would eventually become mentor to (and Platinum games would eventually turn into a killing machine for an action game). Who to play him?




Tom Felton

Look no further than the kid you always wanted to punch in the mouth for his performance of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series. No, he hasn’t necessarily proven himself in action roles,  but strap him to a metal bottom jaw and grow his hair out a little, and Tom has the chance to pull it off.

Solid Snake

The main man himself. Of course, to play snake, you’ll need someone who’s found the sweet spot as a grizzled, rough-and-tumble soldier with a bit of a soft side, wanting nothing but the best for those around him. He’d need to be someone clever and in the right shape to pull off international espionage both physically and mentally. So, who’s in?



Viggo Mortensen

He might be a bit of a stretch, but the man who played Aragorn in Lord of the Rings has every right to jump in as any action hero he wants, if you ask me. He’s proven that he can handle a complex role, looks like he could pull off the look and feel of Snake, and could work with combat choreography fairly well. The only thing missing would be Snake’s classic voice.

Gerard Butler

Gerard’s got a fairly diverse resume as an actor, including roles in action films and more serious dramas. For that reason alone, he’s got the right experience to bring some depth to Snake’s character. And also, news flash, he looks like him.

Hugh Jackman

Of all these men, Jackman’s got the most extensive lineup of action films beneath him. He’s easily identified as wolverine for all the work he’s done in X-Men and all of the sequels and spinoffs, and he’s got the look, attitude, and voice of Snake, making him the ideal candidate to play the stealthy hero on the silver screen.

Who did I miss? Tell us your picks for a Metal Gear Solid film in the forums!


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  1. xflying_penguinx

    I think it’d be pretty cool if they played on the les enfants project by casting whomever as Solid Snake, then using that same actor (plus some Hollywood magic) as Big Boss. Or a non-live action film would be great, keep all the looks and voices 😀

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