Sony Had Planned To Make MediEvil 3

Sony developed prototypes for MediEvil 3 for both PS3 and PSP from 2003 according to the CV of a former Sony employee, as noted by gamesector.

Studio Cambridge, which created the MediEvil series in 1998, worked on concepts for two PSP titles and a PS3 game:

  • MediEvil: Grave Cards [ PSP ]
  • MediEvil: Boneyard [ PSP ]
  • MediEvil: Defence O’ The Damned [ PS3 + Move Support ]

The employee, Katie Sorrell, left Sony in 2006 and had worked as a senior designer for the platform holder.

MediEvil: Grave Cards, is described as “a game based on traditional collectible card games with the gameplay twist of dominoes”, while MediEvil: Boneyard appears to have gameplay more associated with Twisted Metal.

Finally MediEvil: Defence O’ The Damned, was to be “developed in collaboration with Sony and the original MediEvil team at Sony Cambridge” and was intended to be a PlayStation 3 game with PS Move support.

In 2005 MediEvil’s sequel, MediEvil: Resurrection, was re-released on PSP, this was the last time the series has seen the light of day (or should that be light of play?)

Is a new MediEvil something you’d be interested in? Would you like to see the cowardly Sir Daniel Fortesque make a return to PlayStation on PS3, Vita or PS4? Sound off below.