Guild Wars 2’s Trading Post Problems Begin to Affect Gameplay

If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 you’ve undoubtedly realized that there are problems with the trading system. In order to revolution the way items are traded in MMOs Arena Net implemented the “Black Lion Trading Post.” Here players post the items they wish to buy and sell, setting prices and amounts so that players across Guild Wars 2 can trade at any time.

This is a great idea, seeing as many MMOs have towns full of people spamming “WTB” and “WTS” ads. The original Guild Wars was full of them (One of the major trading outposts “Kamadan” was nicknamed “Spamadon” because of the mass amount of trading spams). There is no longer a trading function, or trading dialog option. All trading is supposed to be done through the easy to use Black Lion Trading Post.

The only problem is the trading post has been under maintenance since Guild Wars 2’s release. Sometimes it will pop up for a couple of minutes, but Guild Wars 2’s twitter states that it’s just developers testing it out and trying to fix more bugs.

If there is no person to person trading system, and no trading dialog option then when the marketplace is down there is no trade. An MMO with a broken trading system isn’t an MMO at all. The entire point of playing an RPG online is to have the ability to group up and play, talk, and trade. To combat the broken system players have been using the mail feature, where you can send other players gold or items as well as messages.

There are a couple problems with this method. First, people are getting scammed, either receiving items or payment and never sending compensation in return. This is an unreportable offense, because the trading is done outside of the Black Lion Trading window. Another problem is Arena Net has disabled the mail function because they believe hackers are using it as a tool to steal people’s account info and in-game gear. So no trading system, no mail system…

As my character is getting to level 150 Chef I’m beginning to require a variety of ingredients from around the world. When the trading post was up for 5 minutes I was able to secure over 10 different ingredients that I would have been unable to get for an extremely cheap price. I was also able to pick up a couple of ingredients that I knew how to get, but didn’t want to waste time grinding for.I need crafting items to continue my chef track, and I know others could benefit from the crafting materials that I’m willing to sell

The marketplace is a good tool… when it’s working. But Arena Net has put all of its eggs in that one basket, and if it isn’t working then all trade in Guild Wars 2 comes to a halt. Less than a week in my inventory and bank are chock-full of items that I’d like to sell or trade, but am unable to. Instead of trading items my profession can’t use to other players, I’m destroying the items by selling them to the merchant. Not only are the items going to a useless place, but I’m making way less money on them.

The lack of trading system is making this MMO feel like a single player game. The loot I’m finding isn’t being kept to save to other players, it’s being merched like in Skyrim or Mass Effect for small amounts of gold. Until Guild Wars 2 fixes their marketplace problem gameplay is going to continue to be severely affected. The pride in finding good items, along with the community are both going to lack compared to other MMOs.

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  1. Bernard

    I totally agree, I am thinking of not playing for a while as my bank and my bags are getting full of stuff I kept purely to sell. It’s completely pissing me off! Honestly what is so damn wrong with a personal 1 to 1 trade option?!

  2. Bernard

    They also need to implement a way to report spam in the in game mail system… I have had requests to buy gold from websites…. from people with names like Cvbvc

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