Magazine Memories Part 2: The 1up Renaissance and 1upocalypse

With the recent announcement that the beloved gaming magazine Nintendo Power would call it quits after 2012, I’ve decided to share my memories of how magazines got me into gaming, starting with my introduction to print. To see part 1, click here.

As I dove headfirst in the world of gaming journalism, I discovered more and more places to get my gaming news fix, mostly through my growing obsession with podcasts.

After the PC Gamer Podcast, I found several podcasts produced by 1up.com, such as 1up Yours and GFW Radio, which in turn led me to their flagship publication, Electronic Gaming Monthly. While my time with EGM was short, it was certainly sweet. Just as I had with PC Gamer, I would eagerly await each new issue of EGM, filled with the writing of my favorite personalities like Dan “Shoe” Hsu, Crispin Boyer, Shane Bettenhausen, and Sean “Seanbaby” Reiley. I also subscribed to the relatively short lived Games for Windows Magazine. Perhaps my favorite writer that I’ve ever encountered in gaming journalism, Jeff Green, wrote an awesome column, Greenspeak, that was always a joy to read.
One of the best parts of 1up.com was The 1up Show, a highly-produced video show about the latest games and industry trends that, at the time, was often the best half-hour of my week. To this day, I follow the creators of the 1up show in their latest venture, Area 5.

Unfortunately, 1up and parent company Ziff Davis began to have financial problems soon after I began to discover them. This led to the end of Games for Windows Magazine, and eventually the end of EGM. Soon after, 1up.com was bought by UGO, and in a shocking move, UGO laid off most of the 1up staff, including what seemed like all of the biggest personalities on the website. Luckily, most of them hit the ground running and soon found jobs elsewhere or started their own business in the case of the producers of The 1up Show, but it was still a tough time for the website and its fans, including myself.

As my favorite gaming journalism outlets crumbled around me, I began to branch out into new ways to get my gaming journalism fix. I began to look at new websites like IGN and get into the coverage of the industry on Youtube. More importantly, I began to take the writing into my own hands, trying my hand at gaming journalism, and that has led me here.