Magazine Memories Part 1: My Introduction to Print

With the recent announcement that the beloved gaming magazine Nintendo Power would call it quits after 2012, I’ve decided to share my memories of how magazines got me into gaming, starting with my introduction to print.

Who knew that the best way to get me into video games was a magazine? Before 2007, video games were not a large part of my life, mostly because the only outlet I had to enjoy them was actually playing them, and my schedule didn’t allow for much of that.

Then, I discovered PC Gamer. Being as young as I was, I had just gotten into magazines, and PC Gamer seemed a no-brainer. Every month, I would eagerly await the next issue, and I soon became well-versed in the ins and outs of the gaming industry.

Eventually, I soon became interested in the personalities of these journalists I followed, and found an outlet for this interest online with the PC Gamer Podcast, produced by Jeremy Williams and featuring the PC Gamer staff of Dan Stapleton, Chuck Norris, Greg Vederman, Kristen Salvatore, and the often hilarious Logan Decker.

As often happens, there were many new faces that appeared on the podcast over its astounding 326 episodes, and the podcast is still going strong today, with the only original member left being Logan Decker, the current Editor-in-Chief. While this podcast was the first I had ever listened to, it certainly wouldn’t be the last, as while looking for other PC gaming podcasts, I came across a little podcast called GFW Radio.

Tune in tomorrow when I discuss how my love for gaming journalism spread from the print to the online space, and how I lived through the infamous 1upocalypse of 2009.