Black Ops 2 Hardened And Prestige Editions Announced at GameStop Conference

Updated #2: Image of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Hardened Edition.

  • Collectible Steelbook
  • Exclusive ‘Nuketown 2025? & ‘Nuketown Zombie’ Maps
  • Exclusive Xbox Live ‘Claw’ avatar & Zombie Avatar Costume
  • Limited Edition Challenge Coins
  • Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall with theme by Trent Reznor
  • Also Includes Exclusive Weapon Camo & Exclusive Player Card Backgrounds



First image from Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Prestige Edition below. The game is out on November 13th.

  • Black Ops 2 – The game
  • Collectable Steelbook Case
  • Exclusive ‘Nuketown 2025? & ‘Nuketown Zombie’ Maps
  • Exclusive Playstation3 Multiplayer & Zombies Theme
  • Limited Edition Challenge Coins
  • Official Soundtrack by Jack Wall with theme by Trent Reznor
  • Also Includes Exclusive Weapon Camo & Exclusive Player Card Backgrounds
  • MO-27 Dragonfire Drone w/ Remote Controller
Original Story

Is it even possible to not have some source at GameStop? Be it a friend, friend of a friend, or some guy you just talk to all the time at a store, we all know someone who works at GameStop. If you don’t, well then you may not know that the GameStop managers are having a little conference right now and while not much is ever announced there, this year is a little different.

To get their employees ready for the rush of November, Activision has announced the Hardened and Prestige Editions for Blacks Op 2. Hardly a surprised, sure, but news none the less. Please note, we are filing this under rumor because we will not be giving away the name of our source. As most of you know, GameStop is very strict about information with employees and far be it for us to be the cause for someone to place a call to the unemployment center.

This year’s annual Call of Duty game has a very interesting Prestige Edition. Before we’ve gotten night vision goggles and RC cars, this year… remote UAV flyer. That isn’t all, though. The following was the information given to us:


Prestige Edition

  • Remote UAV Flyer
  • Exclusive Upgrades
  • Exclusive Zombie Maps
  • Pre-Order Nuketown Map
  • Comes in a replica supply crate


As for the Hardened Edition, we didn’t get too much in the form of details with this one. We expect you’ll see everything except the flyer and special case. Last year the prices for these editions were around $80 for Hardened and $150 for Prestige so you can expect the same or at least around those price tags.

As soon as Activision and/or GameStop confirms these editions with some pretty pictures, we’ll have them posted and this updated.

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  1. Alex

    Awesome. I’m getting that prestige edition just for the exclusive zombie maps, especially with the new zombie modes can’t wait. I <3 Zombies!.

  2. Verdact

    Exclusive Zombies maps? So let me guess they get all the maps from WAW and BO, that we had to pay for already…. so fricken stupid. Activision or Treyarc whoever does this should release those maps for all, for free .

    • Guest

      Yeah, nobody played those extra maps because nobody else had them on Black Ops and they didn’t release them for the general public until much later on, so it’ll be the same thing here…a waste of money and hard drive space just to milk a few more bucks out of their customers until everyone can play them. The flyer sound awesome though, but it’ll probably just be a gimped AR Drone.

  3. chris

    They do this every year, but now u dont need to cancel ur 1st order u just upgrade. Deff get hard edtion as elite has to carry over to bops2 and it saves u money on maps

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