Guild Wars 2 is Too Monotonous

I’ve been waiting for Guild Wars 2 for years. Guild Wars was my favorite MMO, and for a long time was my all-time favorite video game. Maybe I hyped the game up too much in my own head, but already one day into playing it and I’m feeling bored. Almost every aspect of the gameplay feels repetitive.

It starts with the “heart” questing system. Guild Wars 2 was supposed to abolish the traditional questing format. Instead of talking to NPCs that tell the player to kill x amount of enemies, or deliver an item to another NPC across the world the player was supposed to walk into a territory and have the objectives listed in the top right hand corner of the screen. But the objectives that each “heart quest” gives the player seem to be the same as almost every other MMO’s. The change really hasn’t been to the questing system or the objectives, just how they are portrayed.

Another revolutionary aspect of Guild Wars 2 was the dynamic events. These were random encounters that randomly spawn throughout the wilderness that all players have the ability to jump in and out of. And while at first these are fun and exciting, they too get repetitive fast. While walking through already explored territories I’m finding myself stumbling upon the same dynamic events over and over again. If I explore new territories the dynamic events still fit the same form. Either you’re protecting someone on an escort mission, fending off waves of enemies, or fighting a boss.

Even the creative WvWvW system that Arena Net developed has a huge amount of monotonous tasks associated with it. If you’re attacking a keep or a tower the majority of your time will be spent hammering away at the strongholds walls. It’s not as quick, easy, or fun as Alliance Battles or Competitive Missions were in the original Guild Wars. The WvWvW stages all look and feel the same.

In the original Guild Wars players didn’t have to worry about leveling up or grinding the same enemies over and over again (unless they wanted to). You didn’t have to worry about finding skill points or getting a weapon with better abilities. The game flowed in a way that by the time you got to the next zone or level you were ready to fight the monsters and do the quests that were there. If not it didn’t take long to catch up by doing a handful of interesting quests in the old world.

In Guild Wars 2, however, after every main quest mission I have to spend thirty minutes leveling my character up through dull grinding before I have the power to tackle the next mission. Instead of focusing on skill sets and attribute disruption Guild War’s sequel relies on the characters level and gear. Arena Net focused so much on making an MMO that broke away from the MMO mold, but it almost feels like the original game broke the model more.

It could be that I just haven’t played through the game enough yet. But if this growing amount of grinding becomes a necessity to continue playing through the games then my opinion of Guild Wars 2, and my old favorite franchise is quickly going down.

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