David Cage Wants You To Play Beyond Just Once

“Play it once and do not play it again!” David Cage, head of Quantic Dream, the French developer of Beyond: Two Souls, told Modern X Gamers

“You can play again if you want,” he added, “but I think the best way to enjoy the game is to make choices and never know what would have happened if you made a different choice, because life is so, and Beyond: Two Souls is the life of Jodie Holmes ”

Cage went on to explain where the idea for Beyond came from, saying:

“Death is a really strange thing. You have an idea of what death is when anyone close to you died. But when you lose someone close, you have a totally different design.

[…] One day I was thinking about how death could be without religion, without God sitting in the clouds, or anything else. Is there some other explanation for this? That’s what made me write Beyond: Two Souls.”

We’ll have to wait until sometime in 2013 to see what he means. Quantic Dream’s previous title, Heavy Rain, featured four protagonists and needed to played through multiple times to unlock every outcome in the game. Cage also advised gamers to play Heavy Rain once: “I would like people to play it once … because that’s life. Life you can only play once … I would like people to have this experience that way,” he said at the time.

Do you think you’ll be following Cage’s advice? Or will you be going back for more?