Why we need Psychonauts 2

With the impending release of Psychonauts on the Playstation Network, I’ve been thinking a lot about the game. It was so innovative, fun, and imaginative that it would be a crime if Double Fine did not make a sequel at some point. Here’s why.

The developers obviously had fun making it.
Psychonauts was a lovingly crafted game, and this can be seen throughout all aspects of design, whether it is levels that never fail to impress, smart, funny dialogue, or the multitude of inside jokes thrown in. This game is designed for pure fun, unlike many of the serious, gritty games of this generation.

It’s really funny.
Comedy is an often ignored genre of games, but Psychonauts embraces its comedic aspects.  Whether it’s fighting off a pseudo-girl scout troop or stomping through the underwater city of Lungfishopolis, Psychonauts injects humor into any situation.

The levels are incredible.
By far the best part of Psychonauts is the uniqueness and creativity found in each level. From the very beginning, each level is a new adventure that often introduces new gameplay mechanics exclusively for that level, something very rarely found in gaming these days. While it is hard to say that one level is better than the others, my personal favorites are the aforementioned Lungfishopolis, The Milkman Conspiracy, and Black Velvetopia.

All of these awesome characteristics of Psychonauts cannot be found in any other game, and the industry needs more games that are made purely for fun-factor, are comedic, and include fantastic level design. The best place to start this process is to make Psychonauts 2.