Minecraft PC Will Always Be Better than Xbox 360’s

4 Months ago I wrote an article “Minecraft: PC vs. Xbox 360.” Back then information had been released about the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft that made it stand out to me. Mostly the split screen and online multiplayer functions. But now that it’s been out for a while I’ve decided that the Xbox version will never hold up against the PC’s.

There were a couple features of the Xbox 360 version that fans weren’t told. Like how you had to have HD capabilities in order to play split screen, or how the map wasn’t infinite like the PC version was. We thought the Xbox version was going to be quickly updated to the PC version, but it’s been months and we’re nowhere close to seeing the Xbox version reach the PC’s potential. The cons of the Xbox 360 Minecraft continue to increase.

Instead of the Xbox version being updated, we’ve seen the PC version updated much more. The multiplayer function in Minecraft Xbox 360 is buggy (check out how badly it really is here), but at least you can play multiplayer without having to host a server. Now that Mojang has updated the PC version, incorporating the LAN function, Xbox’s Minecraft has lost its last saving grace. I can host games without hosting a server on my PC. The Xbox’s number one advantage over the PC is gone.

On the PC you can still download or make your own texture packs and skins. Every mod you can ever think of has been released, and are also easy to implement into your game. The map goes on forever, and the most recent version of the client updates automatically when you log in. You can play multiplayer on LAN with your friends, or join a huge multiplayer universe using the server function.

So as of August 24, I don’t see the Xbox version ever competing with the PC’s. A computer will always be able to function better than a Xbox 360 will. The PC version now encompasses all of the pros of the Xbox version, including a plethora of traits that the Xbox Minecraft will never have.  For Minecraft, like most games, if you’re trying to decide which platform to buy it on, it looks like PC is the way to go.