A Moment of Silence For Nintendo Power

It was announced today that legendary gaming magazine Nintendo Power will no longer be releasing any more issues, due to the publication’s shut down.

Now, this is sad for a number of reasons; of course, my best wishes go out to the employees and talented writers of the Nintendo Power staff, and it’s sad to see any beloved operation shut down.

But there’s something even more important and dire about this big shutdown. And that, my friends, is not only that we’re seeing the end of a magazine. We’re witnessing the end of an era.

Believe it or not, there was a time when we couldn’t go to YouTube to watch the average Joe Gamer live stream himself tearing through a game or see a walkthrough for game levels we were stuck on. There was a time when we couldn’t visit forums and message boards to hear the latest news and rumors about our favorite games.

In fact, there was a time when we had no internet at all, and the only outlet we had to gaming was within our own circle of friends.

So, where did we turn to find help? Where did we go to get the latest news about games?

We turned to none other than Nintendo Power.

Nintendo Power was first launched in 1988 and was the source of information for gamers on Nintendo and companies licensed by Nintendo. At its launch, it was the New York Times for gaming; the original source for which games journalism and gaming culture has spawned from.

During this archaic time of no internet and no constant network connectivity, Nintendo Power was the ultimate source of information in the gaming world. Each month, you’d run out to your mailbox and pick up the latest issue and get wowed time and time again by all the awesome announcements. Many important games were first announced on the cover of Nintendo Power, including the standout The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

But it wasn’t just news and announcements that made Nintendo Power so great. It was also the helpful and important articles the magazine continually featured that helped it skyrocket in popularity.

Maps of game levels were a common feature of Nintendo Power, essentially giving players a walkthrough of the game levels they might have been stuck on. With the maps, we saw difficulty areas, challenges, collectibles, and more. It was the old way of beating a game. Got stuck? Then you’re either waiting for the next issue and hoping it would give you some tips, or you’d be doomed to either having your friends help you out or wait until the next issue came.

Really, the end of Nintendo Power isn’t just the end of a magazine; rather, it’s the end of an era, a final closing to signal the next generation of video games in general. There’s something to be said about our strange time, after all. Gaming is still such a young part of the entertainment community, and thanks to technology, it’s also the fastest growing one. And because of that, we’re witnessing its growth and evolution occurring all too rapidly.

There is no right or wrong to this; it’s simply life, changing in the way it routinely does. And while the next generation and evolution of gaming is something to be excited about, there will always be a place in my heart for the simpler times.

So raise your glass and give a moment of silence in honor of Nintendo Power. They weren’t just a magazine; they were the harbinger, the original public forum that jump-started the gaming community as a whole, helping it become the massive sub culture it has evolved into today.

So, what are your memories of Nintendo Power? Tell us below and in the forums!