The Benefit of Multiple Accounts in Guild Wars

Guild Wars 2 comes out in 9 days. If you’re a pre-purchase customer it’s coming out in only 6. As a huge Guild Wars fan I’ve been waiting for this day for years. There will be no studying, no working, and no hanging out with friends this Saturday. There will be minimal trips to the kitchen and bathroom. Saturday is reserved for Guild Wars 2.

But as we get closer to the release date I’m beginning to have this question repeat itself in the back of my head. Should I buy two accounts? Let me preface this article by saying that I’m not a big MMO player. I played Guild Wars in middle school and every once in a while in high school. I had better things to be doing than sitting on my computer grinding for another thousand hours to get more titles and armors in one game, let alone numerous titles.

With Guild Wars 2 coming out I’m ready to jump back into my golden MMO days. A couple years into playing the original Guild Wars I decided to buy a second account. At the time it made sense, with numerous benefits making the $60 purchase totally worth it. Now I have to reassess the benefits and see how beneficial multiple copies of Guild Wars 2 are going to be.

First off, in Guild Wars characters were awarded birthday presents on the anniversary of their creation date. So the more characters you have on launch day of Guild Wars 2, the more birthday presents you’ll have in a year. It might seem like a long term investment, but in the original Guild Wars it seemed to be worth it. There has been no evidence of ANet continuing this feature, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

Another feature that the original Guild Wars implemented was daily and weekly quests that could only be completed by one character/account. If you have two accounts you have double the opportunity to capitalize on these usually very rewarding quests. It has been confirmed by ANet’s Beta Weekends that this is going to be a feature that will continue onto Guild Wars 2.

If you think you’re going to be playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 buying another account is generally a great investment. Extra character slots and extra storage spots are going to cost extra money, or gems. An extra copy of the game provides all of those bonuses with them. You also get to pick two different servers, which could save you from spending the additional $20 to transfer worlds.

Of course, an extra $60 might not be worth these advantages to you. But if you plan on really getting into Guild Wars 2, better to buy the extra account now than to wait.

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  1. Abby

    Do you know by any chance if you can transfer a character from one account to another? I know you couldn’t in the first GW, wondering if you can in GW2.

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