Random Heroes

From the makers of League of Evil comes Random Heroes, an action platformer not for the faint of heart.

After two dork kids go and disturb a grave site, the city finds itself overrun with all forms of the living dead, and it’s up to you to stop them!

Stealing from the same design and aesthetic from the original League of Evil games, Random Heroes is a platformer with a maddening difficulty level and a heavy emphasis on shooting weapons. Facing off against a variety of enemies will pit players against fast, slow, flying, shooting, and even falling dangers. It only takes three hits to completely deplete a health bar, guaranteeing players multiple playthroughs in order to get a level right. You’ll have to carefully memorize terrain and enemy patterns in order to pass a level.

The game does have the unfortunate use of on-screen controls. However, the developers at Ravenous Games have utilized this to a brilliant degree, ditching the clumsy on-screen joystick for simple right, left, jump, and shoot buttons for traversal. It never becomes risky or cumbersome, due to good design and implementation.

Different from Ravenous’ past games, Random Heroes features an in-game currency system that allows players to upgrade weapons after killing enemies and collecting the coins they leave behind. Different weapons feature different rates of fire and damage dealt.

Boss battles are an even more difficult convention thrown in on top of all the other challenging gameplay. It’ll require memorization and quick thinking to defeat the several bosses that guard the end of each section of levels, and while it may be difficult, defeat is oddly satisfying and rewarding to players fortunate enough to survive.

Much like League of Evil, Random Heroes is not a game for the casual fans or the faint of heart. It’ll require persistence, quick reflexes, and good memory to help you work your way through the game’s many challenging levels. But despite its difficulty, it’s still fun, meeting that happy masochistic mark where challenging gameplay is satisfying enough to warrant a “just one more try” mentality from players. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s a well-designed challenge for fans of retro-style shooting and platforming games. For your latest zombie-killing fix, look no further than Random Heroes.


Cassidee reviews Random Heroes for the iPhone.

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