Trailer Breakdown: Remember Me

Capcom gave us a surprise new look at the upcoming new IP Remember Me at their Gamescom conference this week. Combining elements of stealth, a cyberpunk-style art design, and some interesting gameplay, it’s safe to say that we’ve got an interesting experience coming down the pipeline once Capcom delivers.

Here are our thoughts on the trailer. What are yours?


Remember Me looks as if we have combined the ideals from The Matrix, Inception, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I think this is actually a positive thing because each of the ideals from these movies have remained in all of our minds and have continued to look for ways to revisit this deep concepts of the mind and the digital era as well. The conflict of the games does not come off as such an original idea, however, and follows the mystery of “who did the thing to me that I am supposed to do to everyone else”. As far as the gameplay comes off, I think I would have been more intrigued by the game if we were to play about half of it as this mind frame wiper in order to change history before the same happened to “me” as the character.


Wow, now that is a cinematic trailer.  Seriously, if you showed that to somebody from 1998 there is no way they would know it was for a video game.  It is though, and it looks quite promising.  I love the original story setup:  Protagonist finds that their memory has been erased by people they most likely trust, but an incredible array of survivalist and combat skills somehow survive the purging, and allow them to seek revenge on those who wronged them, all the time unraveling some fell conspiracy.  Wait, that actually seems kind of familiar… Anyhoo, I’m intrigued by the setting, and I always love to see female protagonists (I always play as a female if I get the choice.  I think it’s a Resident Evil thing…)  Capcom has a history of introducing successful new IPs, and Remember Me looks like it has a chance to continue that trend.


Remember Me is one of those unique trailers that really gets my blood going as soon as it starts. Stealing a page from the mind-bending elements of any Christopher Nolan film, it tells the story of a woman whose memory has been mysteriously been erased by an unknown enemy.

It’s an interesting take on our own digital age as we continue to progress; with so many machines aiding us in our everyday endeavors, where is man’s place in the world? How does he interact with his own mind, and with the minds of others?

Since it sort of takes a page from it, I expect gameplay in Remember Me to feel similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Whether or not it will remains to be seen, but the prospect is there, and I’m pretty excited to see whatever else Capcom will give us with this new IP.