X-23 Really Needs Her Own Video Game

Yup, it’s a known fact that I like me some powerful female protagonists. And while the gaming world has treated me to more than a handful of them, I’ll always keep asking for more.

And that’s why I’m writing this; as part of a plea to get one of my all-time favorite heroines her own starring role in a game. Not a film, mind you; she’s so awesome, I’d like to have the chance to live her life in the unique way that only the interactive medium of video games can provide.

This heroine, of course, is none other than X-23 from X-Men.

A little background if you don’t know anything about her: Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23 from the Weapon X project, is essentially a female clone of wolverine. She was created from the damaged genetic code of Wolverine and has the same adamantium claws on her hands and even one on each foot.

She’s brutal, she’s badass, and after being trained in the fighting arts and conditioned to enter a murderous rage whenever getting a whiff of a trigger scent, she becomes one of the deadliest assassins for hire.

But what makes her character interesting is not that she is so dangerous. Rather, it’s that she’s so multi-dimensional, especially in the early stages of her story.

After being tricked into killing her mother from the effects of the trigger scent, X-23 tracks down her mother’s sister and moves in with her and her cousin Megan. It’s here that we see the many layers to X; she is angry, and feels some remorse for the things she’s done, despite the fact that she can’t control herself when the trigger scent is laid.

Without getting spoiler-heavy, I’ll say this; there’s a lot of potential for an amazing game here. Combat could be calculated and frenzied, boss fights could be cerebral and challenging, and there’s a lot to be said about using something like the trigger scent to remove some control from the player as an interesting and added challenge while they try to vicariously live the life of Laura Kinney through the game. It’s a bit like when insanity is used in other games to confuse the player and immerse them in the character’s emotions and experience.

I realize she’s not the most well-known character in the Marvel universe. And sure, maybe it’s something of a pipe dream. But the more I go back and re-visit this character and her story, the more I want to see, and the more I’m convinced that she’s the perfect anti-heroine who’s begging to have her own game.