Kickstarter is Shaping the Indie World

I’m beginning to see more and more news about Kickstarter and video games. With the recent success of the Ouya I’ve been keeping an eye on Kickstarter’s video game section. But it was a Eurogamer’s article that brought Planetary Annihilation to my attention.

Planetary Annihilation is currently under construction by Uber Entertainment. It’s an indie studio that made Steam’s Monday Night Combat. They have a Kickstarter account trying to raise $900,000. And in 3 days they’ve already raised half of it.

Kickstarter has always been a way for video game developers to get funding for their titles. However, with the success of the Ouya, I think Kickstarter will become a much better funding platform for indie studios. Everyone now knows that Kickstarter can raise more money than traditional conventional means.

I can’t think of a single entity that would be willing to risk 10 million dollars on the Ouya’s success. But apparently there are enough people from around the world that took that risk together. It’s the same thing for Planetary Annihilation. Asking for loans or finding publishers for an indie studio is a challenging feat. But Kickstarter is going above and beyond Uber Entertainment’s funding needs.

Now I’m not saying that anyone can think of a game, put it on Kickstarter, and make millions. But what I am saying is funding platforms like Kickstarter are sure to have a continuous effect on the indie video game world.  If Kickstarter continues to produce success stories like they have been then we’re going to see more and more indie titles being released.

And these titles are going to be released in new ways. Right now indie video game developers are working hard to get their game accepted on one of the many game selling platforms. Steam, Xbox Live’s Arcade, Playstaion Network… these are all hard for the average couple man team to get their game onto. And once they do the companies are taking 30% of the profits. Kickstarter is a great way to get the advertisement needed to release the game as a direct download from the developer’s site.

Now that we know Kickstarter can lead to amazing success, there are going to be more and more projects deciding to use this platform for their funding. Keep an eye on Kickstarter’s video game section. We’re bound to see more success stories, leading to more in-depth and kick ass indie games.