Don’t Make a Legend of Korra Movie Yet

Paramount Animation, a sister business to Nickelodeon, announced to Variety Magazine yesterday that they are planning on making a film based on the Legend of Korra series. As a fan that’s followed the Avatar series from Aang’s first episode to the series finale of Legend of Korra this news is too maddening to express.

First of all, the Legend of Korra series just announced that they would be doubling the amount of episodes that are going to be released. Why do they need to make a movie about a show that’s only had 12 out of 52 episodes so far? There’s not enough content, not enough of the new Avatar world built to be making movies of it yet. The characters and storyline are still being established. Anything that Paramount can make is going to conflict with the storyline of the original show, while the show is still being made!

Secondly, we’ve all either heard or seen of the giant fiasco that was the live action Avatar the Last Airbender movie. Poorly animated 3D was chosen over acting and storyline. Also 24 episodes were crammed into one movie with the main characters name pronounced incorrectly the entire time. M. Night Shyamalan did the series a great disservice by adding his input to the movie.

What can bringing Avatar to the bring screen really accomplish besides company profits from box office sales? Other titles Paramount is interested in doing are Dorra the Explorer and Spongebob movies. These adaptations I would understand. Spongebob isn’t a linear show, they can make an entirely new storyline and it wouldn’t conflict with anything that has ever gone on in Spongebob’s TV show. Dorra the Explorer works the same way. But Legend of Korra is a linear show. The ending of one episode directly influences the next one.

Paramount would make an animated version, so already that’s better than a live action adaptaion. And they probably won’t have Shymalan as their director either, which is another huge step in the right direction. But the animation is going to be different in the movie than in the TV show, and the content is going to conflict with the TV show’s.

Paramount, please take a break from this idea. The Avatar hype is still going to be alive and well in a couple years. There is a mature audience tuning into Nickelodeon every week to watch the new episodes. This audience has followed the series like I have from day one. There’s no need to rush this movie, we’re happy to wait for it. This time, just make sure to get it right.

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