Rayman Legends Will Be A Wii U Exclusive

A direct response to Ubisoft’s platformer Rayman Origins, it has been announced that Rayman Legends will be a Wii U exclusive.

The game has been optimized to work exclusively with the game pad, allowing for players to directly interact with the in-game world using the tablet as they tweak the environment and platforms.

There is no solid release date yet announced for the Wii U, although speculation cites that the console could arrive as soon as later this year.

What do you think? Should Rayman Legends be a Wii U exclusive, or should it be brought to other platforms as well?

(Source: Game Trailers)

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  1. Yellowhill

    Sounds interesting, in my opinion the game should be WiiU exclusive, so that they could really consentrate on utilizing the pad-controller and other unknown functionalities that the console might offer….but anyways, I will be getting the game as Rayman origins was just pure awesomeness.

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