GamesCom 2012: Capcom Announces New IP “Remember Me”

Today Capcom capped off their GamesCom 2012 press conference with the reveal of Remember Me, a brand new IP coming to consoles in May 2013.

The game is set in Neo-Paris in 2084, in a world where memories are bought and sold. The main character, Nilin, is a former hunter of memories before someone takes hers, and it’s the player’s job to recover her lost memories. Capcom had mentioned an idea like this at last year’s GamesCom, but only had concept art to show for it. Now the game is out in its full splendor, and good Lord does it look interesting.

First trailer is below, followed by the first gameplay trailer, both released by Capcom just after their conference.



So what do we think? Do we want to remember this game and how good it looks? Or will we forget all about this new Capcom IP come May 2013?