The 10 Supporting Video Game Characters That Need Their Own Games

Supporting characters or sidekicks need more of a spotlight. Sometimes the best characters in a game aren’t the main heroes or villains. More often than not we find ourselves enjoying a supporting character more than anything. There has been some games showcasing these kinds of characters in the past. Daxter, Clank, Vincent Valentine, and Shadow The Hedgehog were all “graced” with their own games. While I enjoyed only one game in that list, not all games featuring supporting characters have to be bad. With the right story and effort behind them, we may even get better experiences than the respected main series. So move over main heroes and let the guy in the back or to the side of you get some glory. These supporting video game characters deserve their own game!


Victor Sullivan – Uncharted

Sully is a great character. He’s funny, clutch, and for an old guy he’s pretty damn spry. In his prime he must have been one hell of a treasure hunter. So let’s experience that! We’ll start with Sully’s first contract hot off the Navy ship and work ourselves up to a master thief level of respect. Perhaps even go as far as to when Sully first met Nathan Drake. That sounds like a lot of time hopping but I’m trying not to turn this one into its own trilogy. Sully is a fun character and the humor alone could make for a great play. Think of it as a funnier Uncharted mixed with James Bond. Why James Bond? Because I can’t see Sully not partying and hanging with the ladies in his off time. He’s too much of a player.

Kain Highwind – Final Fantasy IV

What’s that you say? “Enough with Final Fantasy IV?” How could you ever say no to a Kain Highwind game? Kain is a very interesting character. His dragoon combat and personality screams main character potential. The world of Final Fantasy IV can’t be over just yet, not when you have a character like this sitting around with unexplored history. What really brought this up for me was one of the new Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 screenshots. We see a character dressed like Kain using a jump attack with a spear on a big monster. Using the XIV engine, that gave us a glimpse into what a 3D Kain game would look like. Take a page out of Dirge of Cerberus here and make Kain’s game a 3D platformer but instead of Vincent’s guns we’re getting a master dragoon.

Geno – Super Mario RPG

This guy deserves not just his own game but also a spot in the next Smash Bros. Geno is a fan favorite and a source of nostalgia for many gamers. His own adventure would be filled with plenty of epic moments, fun characters, a ton of cameos, and maybe even a run-in with Smithy again. As a warrior of the Star Road, Geno’s life is hectic and never ending. His stint with Mario must be just one mission in his long, tenured history. We need more Geno. We want to see the Star Road. Make it happen, Nintendo.

Bass/Forte – Mega Man

I included both names for this character because I hate the American one, Bass. It sounds so stupid, as do plenty of other Mega Man character names. So please forgive me as I continue to use his Japanese and original name of Forte. Forte could be looked at as a villain but later on in the series he basically goes into it for himself. He betrays Wily for not giving him the power necessary to defeat his enemies. He hates everything. So why not use Forte to explain what happened between the end of the Classic series and the X timeline?

That section of history for Mega Man is highly debated amongst fans and is generally called the Catastrophe. Purely fan fiction, this gives Capcom plenty of ideas to explain how X was created, Zero, and what happened to end the Robot Master era. Perhaps they can even go straight from the ending from Power Battles 2 when Wily shows off the plans for Zero to Forte. That enrages him and he goes on a mission to stop Wily before he completes the “ultimate robot”. Zero’s creation was actually a bad thing. In X4 we saw flashbacks where Zero kills many, many things. I say things because we can’t really discern if they were all robot bodies or some were human. Zero’s existence most likely began with chaos and murder as he was out of control. This is the basis for the fan-made Catastrophe explanation. Maybe Zero kills Protoman and Mega Man and leaves Forte alone to combat this terrible menace. This is a mature Mega Man game and I get excited thinking about it.

Lance – Pokemon

Bare with me here. Lance was the leader of the Elite Four and even a Pokemon League champion after Red left for Mt. Silver. Let’s go before that time, though. Let’s see Lance’s journey. This gives GameFreak a chance to have a bit of an older character (read: not a kid) be the main character and have a set journey with a story. Think along the lines of those GameCube games but with traditional Pokemon gameplay and still on the handhelds. Having a bit more mature themes (but not too mature, Pokemon is still kid-focused) with a teenager or young adult main character could make for a great story. The Pokemon games aren’t exactly known for good story. You catch Pokemon, collect badges, and complete the Pokedex. The three C’s of Pokemon. Add in a new element with an actual character that can have an actual story.

Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect

C-Sec Gone Wild! No, I’m just kidding. Please, do not make that! What I want you to make is the story of Garrus on Omega and how he became known as Archangel. Basically take Homeworlds and let us play it. Garrus is a fan favorite and giving him a starring role in this story or, hell, any story would be a money maker. BioWare could make it mission-based as Garrus could treat whatever he is doing as a soldier or cop. Snipe this. Retrieve this. Blow this up. Just let Garrus do his story around the galaxy in a leading role. Trust me, it would work great.

HK-47 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This sounds so awesome but honestly it would be a really hard sell to a company. How are you going to take a robot and give him a starring role in a big budget video game? Let the execs play Knights of the Old Republic and then they’ll hand you the paycheck. Seriously, if you haven’t experienced HK-47, you are missing out on gaming gold. This assassination bot needs the spotlight and a puny teaser for a patch on The Old Republic just isn’t enough. Give HK-47 a game where all he does is goes around the galaxy and kills people. Oh, and give us a DLC mission where HK-47 wakes up later in the timeline and needs to kill Jar-Jar Binks. You’ll sell millions.

Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

Some may see Scorpion as a bad guy. Some see him as perhaps the most important character in the franchise in terms of popularity. Yet if you read into the story of Mortal Kombat I’d peg Scorpion as a supporting character with way too much potential. His rivalry with Sub-Zero and Quan Chi could make for a fantastic adventure game ALA Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Let us explore the tragedy of Scorpion and his rebirth as a vengeance seeking machine of death. Let us tear apart the Lin Kuei and then go after Quan Chi. That would honestly be very interesting and if done right feature a great story.

Zeratul – StarCraft

Zeratul, despite being playable in Wings of Liberty with a couple cutscenes, is still very unknown to players. This needs to be rectified. In fact, Zeratul deserves to be the main character of the franchise. He is the most heroic and sacrificing of every character in StarCraft. Whereas Kerrigan lost everything and then gained it all during her transformation into the Queen of Blades, Zeratul constantly labels himself the scapegoat in any way possible to preserve the future of the Protoss. It truly is a shame that this franchise stays in the RTS genre. An adventure game, featuring Zeratul, would be absolutely amazing and intriguing. Zeratul doesn’t do anything that isn’t intriguing.

Morrigan – Dragon Age

I loved Dragon Age: Origins. It was one of the best RPG’s I ever played. That being said, I want to completely erase Witch Hunt from my memory. Talk about hyping up a possible future scenario with the lovely Morrigan later on the series just to give it a crap ending in the form of a really mediocre DLC. A DLC, really? This was huge at the end of the game! Morrigan’s plot is central to Origins and everything she did and said from day 1 in the game rang important and something to take to heart. She never said something that was useless. She didn’t have time for that.

People complain about Dragon Age 2 being a bad game. The real thing fans should still be complaining about is how BioWare took the Morrigan plot and crapped all over it. Just strike it from the records and bring it back in DA3 and give it the story it deserves. Morrigan is too important to the series to not be in Dragon Age 3. Yet, if they really want to keep her out, give her a game where you import your DA1 to 3 saves to show what you did throughout the series and bring back your Grey Warden from Origins. Then you give Morrigan the spotlight she deserves either as the main party member after the Warden or the main boss.

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