Thirty years after his initial foray into the jungle, Pitfall Harry has made his long-awaited and re-imagined debut on mobile devices.

Instead of the pixelated platformer we all grew up playing, the game has instead taken on a 3D look with a whole new take on gameplay.

Pitfall! is a Temple Run-style runner that tasks players with escaping the wrath of the angry Volcano God who seeks to destroy you. Using a number of clever and intuitive touch controls, players will swipe and tap the screen to help Harry jump over and duck underneath obstacles, clear the path of enemies with his trusty whip, and choose branching paths to use while traversing the level.

The level pacing is good and feels smooth, requiring some decent reflexes and posing a challenge at players without being frustrating. It feels good, it looks good, and it’s addicting to try and beat your score each and every time you fail a level.

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the game are the in-app purchases. Pitfall! is not a free game, and the $.99 download fee with in-app purchases piled on top of it left a somewhat bad taste of money grab opportunity in my mouth. Money can be spent to buy gems, which allow you to buy new upgrades and outfits for your character and even determine whether or not you’ll be able to purchase checkpoints to help you leap forward in the level upon re-spawning instead of starting all over again.

The game is functional without making real money purchases; however, it felt somewhat cheap that they were added in.

There’s a great deal of variation within the gameplay as well, making it a fairly engrossing and interesting runner that stands out from the others. Harry will ride vehicles, run through multiple environments, and continually be offered branching paths as you run through the jungle and attempt to thwart the wrath which has been kindled against you.

The reboot of Pitfall! as a runner was a genius idea. It works well for the game’s personality, holds up its legacy, and stands out as a solid title in a very crowded genre. For only $.99 on the App Store, the game is well worth its price point, despite the minor drawback of in-app purchases. For old fans of Pitfall! and new fans of runner-style games, Pitfall! is a must-download.

Cassidee reviews Pitfall! for the iPhone.

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Interesting Re-imagining of Pitfall!

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