Universal Monsters Online

Try Before You Buy: Betas Going on Right Now

Playing in Beta’s is something I’m new to. I always felt like it was kind of spoilerish to play the game before it came out. But there are some concepts that are just too cool to skip getting to play. Here are three to try for yourself, if you can get a beta key. It’s easy for the most part, you just register with the website and then they’ll either definitely send you a key or you’ll be in the running to get one.

Smite – Closed Beta

Site: https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/

In Smite, you play gods fighting each other over territory. There are a ton of different pantheons represented and each of the gods has different and cool powers. Smite is a MOBA (MAssive Online Battle Arena) so you’re teamed up with other gods to defeat your opponents. Check out the gameplay trailer below:

RaiderZ – Closed Beta

Site: https://register.perfectworld.com/raiderz_splash

Fight vicious monsters alone or with a group to save what remains of the kingdom of Rendel. RaiderZ is an MMO, so bring your friends along for the monster slaying carnage!

Universal Monsters Online

Play as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man and a multitude of other classic Universal monsters and help your team secure the damsel before the other team can get her.



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  1. Solo

    Try before you buy? These are all free to play titles. UMO online is currently in closed beta, press access hasn’t even begun yet. SMITE is in closed beta although accessible to most and RaiderZ is in CB.

    Try before you buy..but you don’t have to buy it and you can’t try it 😉

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