GRID 2 Developers: ‘We needed to spend more time developing our technology’

Speaking to GamesMaster via CVG Grid 2’s executive producer Clive Moody said he feels none of the competitors released since the original’s launch have “captured that key point” of racing games.

“When we started talking about what we wanted to do it was pretty clear that we needed to spend more time developing our technology,” Moody said. “When the first game came out we were actually pretty inexperienced in terms of 360 and PS3 hardware.”

Describing the vehicles in the game Moody said each was “a car you would want to get in in real life, put your foot down and drive at the limit. Every car we put in the game is very, very carefully picked and it’s picked for a purpose.”

“Making games is a continual learning process,” he adds. “DiRT Showdown in particular taught us a lot about multiplayer. We looked at a lot of stuff in terms of asynchronous multiplayer and lots of those learnings are then going to be folded back into what we’re doing with GRID 2.”

GRID 2 is set to release in summer 2013 on PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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