XCOM: Enemy Unknown to Feature Online Multiplayer

It’s been announced that sci-fi turn-based strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown will feature online player vs. player multiplayer upon its upcoming release.

Within the multiplayer, players will engage in one-on-one battles as they create a custom squad made up of a mixture of human and alien soldiers and classes. Certain elements such as items and weapons will carry over from the game’s story mode, but developers say that the story campaign will be a completely separate part of the game.

Squad-based battles will be managed to fit all size battles ranging from small to large, and pre-order bonuses will allow players DLC content to customize their soldier’s appearance.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reboot of a classic PC game. It is being developed by Firaxis and published by 2K games, and players can expect to leap headfirst into some sci-fi strategy goodness on October 9th.

(Source: Official XBOX Magazine)