Rise of the Triads or Resurecction of the Retro FPS?

The early 90’s saw the rise of PC gaming; more specifically the rise of the first person shooter genre. Like many gamers, I was in awe of Wolfenstein 3D when I was finally able to play it. The success of this title lead the way for many games and helped shaped the games we play today. There should be no surprise to know that many people wanted to capitalize on this craze; thus came the clones! Blake Stone, Corridor 7, and Rise of the Triads were just a few of the games that bore a striking resemblance to Wolfenstein and its little brother Doom. Rise of the Triads, that name sounds familiar. Oh that’s right, it was confirmed at Quakecon that this title was being resurrected. Now, I never played the original, though I was aware of it (I believe we had a demo). Am I looking forward to being able to play the game in its updated splendor? You’d better believe it!

Rise of the Triads isn’t the only grandfather of first person shooters to come out of retirement. Not too long ago, Duke Nukem graced us with his presence once more, effectively demonstrating why he is still “The King”. Both Doom and Wolfenstein have made their way to current consoles by the way of updated technology as well. Hell, Doom 3 is being re-released with new content soon (See what I did there?).

The fact of the matter is that everything old is new again. Okay, that may not be accurate but you get the idea. I loved these games when they released in the 90’s and to this day have enjoyed every update to these titles. Seeing an obscure game such as Rise of the Triads being resurrected made me realize just how much I love when an old game gets a new touch. Then I began to think back about the other clones that I played and how awesome it would be if they too were given new life. Top of that list would be Corridor 7. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most readers are not familiar with this title so I’ll fill you in on why this Doom clone stuck with me through the years more than the million others.

Corridor 7 resembled Wolfenstein more than Doom in style but that’s beside the point. Aliens from another dimension have appeared and conquered the military base Delta and it’s up to the player to take them out. To say that the aliens in this game are bizarre is an understatement! There are floating eyes with machine guns attached, monsters that morph and hide as usual objects, and then there is the Solrac. This monster is ripped straight from the deepest of nightmares! It took me years to finally learn the identity of this creature and the reasoning behind its horrifying abilities.

My first contact with this beast will forever be ingrained upon my memory. Corridor 7, like Doom, created the perfect atmosphere for itself. The halls were long, dark, and creepy. If the player ever heard a sound, it was either the computer consoles around the base or it was a monster. We all know sound technology wasn’t the best then but this game used what it could to produce unearthly and terrifying noises to keep the player on edge. While traversing these horrid corridors, it was then that, a player who shall remain nameless first encountered the Solrac. It appeared without warning and stayed only long enough to traumatize the player. I will take this time to remind you that the player was alone in a dark room while this happened. It was just a flash but enough to burn the image of this monster to the players mind. To speed things up I’ll just say a scream broke the silence and hiding did ensue.

This monster and the experience became legend in my household and the game was shunned as badly as the fictional Necronomicon itself. You have to give it up for a game that created an experience such as this. As I said earlier, the Solrac’s identity was hidden from us for years so ideas that this might be just a glitch, a random monster, or even a ghoulish entity that made the game its home ran rampant among my family and friends. I would love to see what an updated version of this game would be like and shutter at the possibilities of more mind bending enemies. If you’re a developer looking to resurrect another relic from the past, I implore you, bring back Corridor 7!

The Solrac would appear at random during your travels through the game just to scare the crap out of you!