First Kinect 2 Image Posted Online

French website xboxygen has posted an image of what appears to Kinect 2. The image reveals that improved sensor can track individual finger movements as well as the outline of clothing.

The image comes from DaE, who has had access to a ‘genuine‘ Durango devkit, which he revealed last month.

According to reports Microsoft will bundle Kinect 2 with the next Xbox and the device will boast improved motion sensing and voice recognition.

Last week Microsoft’s general manager of Windows Live, Brian Hall, mentioned a “new Xbox.” A claim the company went on to deny, saying  the comments “were not understood in their intended context.”

A job listing has also pointed to the new console hinting at an autumn 2013 release date: “Over the next 18 months, Microsoft will release new versions of all of our most significant products, including Windows (Client, Server, Phone, and Azure), Office, and Xbox,” the post read.

The listing has since been removed from Microsoft’s career website.