Blizzard Servers Hacked, Players Advised to Change Security Information

Blizzard announced today that their security team found an “unauthorized and illegal access” to their internal network. They have closed off the access and have contacted authorities to look into the matter and resolve any issues that might have occurred due to the hacking.

In their security update statement, they say there is ” no evidence that financial information such as credit cards, billing addresses, or real names were compromised,” and say that only email addresses, passwords, and security information was accessed on both the North American and Chinese servers (it should be noted that the North American servers also host those in Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia).

Blizzard advises players to change their passwords and say that players will soon be prompted to change the answers to their security questions as well.

Keep it locked here for any further updates about Blizzard or the server hacking.