Will Watch Dogs Be As “Smart” As It Appears?

When watching the few trailers that are out there for the upcoming game, Watch Dogs, you are struck with a sense of intelligence that exists within the game’s presentation. The launch trailer offers a long detailed explanation on how each of us essentially has a “digital shadow” that cascades from our existence that is tracked and formulated by our web browsing habits. We are also introduced to the idea that if one person can control this operating system, they could control anything with something as simple as a cell phone, and therein lies our premise.

But, with all of this being detailed or us, I wonder if the game itself will be challenging mentally or if all this cool introduction material will become lost in yet another “GTA style” game where button controls become more habit then challenge. In the gameplay footage we witness the main character, Aiden Pearce, as he beautifully walks through an amazingly built city and continues to hack cell phones and fight his way to a target that he has set after to kill. Quite simply, the video is amazing. When watching the game proceed, however, I see nothing but a combination of Assassin’s Creed and GTA style gameplay which, as we all know, is not necessarily challenging. If a game take s this much effort to create a smart trailer and a mind blowing premise, why not allow the game to be as difficult as we may expect?

I am hoping the game has had enough effort put forth that we will all find ourselves challenged. Maybe there is a large amount of trial-and-error involved in finding out which hacks are best executed when, or maybe we are left to our own devices to detective our way through the city to find our targets. I truly hope so. But, I have to be somewhat cynical in my stance. This may just end up being another beautiful and intelligent premise of a game that simply puts out brains and thumbs on autopilot.

What would you like from Watch Dogs? Should games be more challenging?