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Valve: Accept Steam User Agreement Or Lose Your Games

Valve recently updated the terms of the Steam user agreement to prevent class action lawsuits in moves similar to EA and Sony.

One Steam user who didn’t “wish to agree” with the revised terms asked Valve what would happen to his account. This is their response:

“Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

We can permanently deactivate your account for you, remove any stored payment information and clear your Steam profile.

Disabling your account will not result in a refund, as explained in the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

The games in your account will not be accessible for future use. It is impossible to make your games available once your account has been deactivated and your information deleted or archived. Once we have permanently deactivated the account, we will not be able to reactivate the account upon a future request.

Please let me know if you would like to proceed.”

While Sony’s change in terms allowed consumers to sue the company – so long as the plaintiff wrote a letter informing them of their intention to opt-out – Valve does not appear to have taken a similar line.

Regardless of your thoughts on the digital only future this is an alarming development that your games, that you’ve already paid for, can be taken away by Valve. Given the muted response to Valve’s initial change in policy – compared to the uproar over Sony and EA’s decision – it will be interesting to see if there is a backlash against Valve now.

These types of clauses are typically aimed at the US while EU consumer protection laws prevent their implementation in Europe (as noted on NeoGaf).

Source: NeoGaf

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