Rumor: Nintendo and EA Nearly Struck Deal To Bring Origin To Wii U

Reddit (via Go Nintendo) reports that EA and Nintendo came close to striking a deal to have Origin as the sole online network for the Wii U.

According to the Reddit post: “Eight months before E3 and many months after this is what it was like between EA and Nintendo. Nintendo noticed that many people commended EA’s online system and netcode they did for their Wii games (Madden, Medal of Honor, ect) so they asked them if they could work on contract to help build the core online ecosystem for their next gen console.

EA provide a ton of consoling to Nintendo, such as how to make low-latency net code, username account systems, social networks and more. While other companies did provide input as well, EA made sure to provide the most input and support for the Wii U’s R&D.”

As part of the deal: “Nintendo would have to make the Nintendo Network for Wii U officially part of Origin and run Origin’s interface and netcode. Ergo, Nintendo Network would be an Origin-exclusive network.

Nintendo actually did debate for a minute if they should accept EA’s deal, but they quickly decided (and put their foot down) that there was WAY more harm than good doing this.”

The post goes on to say that as a result of the deal collapsing EA decided to only provide token support for the Wii U with established franchises (FIFA 13) and ports (Mass Effect 3).

The post notes: “[That] ironically, the good thing that came out of this is that other 3rd parties praised Nintendo. This especially pleased Ubisoft, who was head over heels with the system to begin with and this move further solidified their partnership with the Big N.”

Neither company has commented on the rumour.

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