The Best Characters for a Video Game Fantasy Football Team

Football is almost here! These months of no pigskin are really tough to deal with, especially when the other teams in your city/area are either done their seasons or are sucking really badly. Here near Philadelphia, it is particularly tough right now. We got the 76’ers who did really good when they shouldn’t have but didn’t quite finish. The Flyers did the same thing but at least they beat the Penguins. Now we have the Phillies with a really off season. It is painful to look at Philly sports right now.

Hm? What was that? I didn’t mention the Eagles? Well, turns out  I’m not actually an Eagles fan. Sure, I’ll watch them but I grew up with my cousin who lives in Delware. I got all his hand-me-downs, too. That means I grew up watching the Washington Redskins (yes, proceed to jest now). Still, I will mention that the Eagles have a handful of pre-season injuries that could hurt their starting weeks, as if they didn’t have a major “must happen” season this year already.

With that said, with football’s upcoming start, we also have the ever popular Fantasy Football. I started playing Fantasy Football last year. I played in two leagues, which was really fun. In one, I made some poor choices and paid for them. I went with Peyton Manning as my starting QB thinking, “hey, he’ll be back and he’ll play just as good.” For those who do not watch football, Peyton Manning did not play at all last year. In the other league, however, I made it to the finals. I lost but I managed to get 2nd place overall in my first year playing.

This year, I will be playing in three leagues: the same two I played in last year and a Leviathyn staff league that I will be running. The air is palpable, I am excited.

Ahem. I thought it would be pretty cool to think about the best team possible for a Fantasy Football team made up entirely of video game characters. An original concept, I know. It didn’t take me long to think of who I would want on my team. I’d like to know if you guys have any teams you could come up with, too.

Without further ado, I present to your the City 17 Enforcers (without a Half-Life character in sight).


Quarterback: The Sniper (Team Fortress 2)

The Sniper is an obvious choice for starting QB. He sees everything and he never misses his target. He can be crafty and wouldn’t be adverse to a few QB sneaks. He isn’t a social bunny and you wouldn’t have to worry about the QB taking the spotlight on this team. Find me a better marksmen who would watch your back without needing a paycheck from you first.


Runningback: Captain Falcon (F-Zero)

Falcon-PUNCH! This guy would get through any defense and see that the ball is in that endzone every time he gets it. He’s quick, agile, and very powerful. He’s the perfect guy to run through meat walls and get the most yards per carry in the league.


Runningback: Bane (Arkham City)

Go ahead, you try and stop him. Bane in the Arkham games is normally always pumped up on Titan and is never to be trifled with. Even Batman doesn’t get through a tussle with Bane without major issues. Give Bane the ball and if he doesn’t deflate it with his massive hands first he’ll never fail in getting that ball in the endzone.


Wide Receiver: Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed II)

Ezio knows how to travel a route expertly. He can easily maneuver around obsticles, like other players, and he never falls. His weapons are always secure and if in his hands, they are always ready. Tell Ezio that the football is a weapon and it must be kept safe in that endzone, and you can be sure that if he doesn’t get it in there, he’ll get it damn close.


Wide Receiver: Master Chief (Halo)

Chief’s jump is Michael Jordan-like. With his size, build, and speed he can grab a ball from a height most can’t. It would take more than one man to take Chief down during a run, too. His armor and build is strong enough to shake off a tackle or four. He is determined and a great team player. He could be like Westbrook back when the Eagles needed him the most a few seasons ago.


Tight End: Augustus Cole (Gears of War)

So Cole was a defensive lineman when he played Trashball but I couldn’t leave him out of this. Cole will be programmed to play a new position: the Tight End. Even with his size, Cole is quick and his roadie run excellent. He’ll get to where you need him and ensure he is open. He just couldn’t guarantee if another player wouldn’t lay broken on the field during his run.


Kicker: Zitz (Battletoads)

Zitz being the leader of the Battletoads is not why I picked him. I picked Zitz because when a Battletoad kicks, he kicks with extreme force. So extreme that his force grow to three times the size. Being a kicker, he’d be able to punt the further, get any Field Goal, and tack on the most extra points. The only problem I foresee is with on-sides kicks.


Defense/Special Teams: Mortal Kombat Kombatants

Scorpian, Sub-Zero, Lui Kang, Raiden, Johnny Cage, and the gang would be near invincible as a defense. They would do anything to keep the ball from entering their side of play. That includes: ice balls, lightning, mutilation, murder, and whatever else it takes to make you “get over here!” Plus, you would have plenty to rotate in and out if injuries occur.


Tell us your video game footballs teams below!