EA Summer Showcase: Madden NFL 13, FIFA Soccer 13 Coming To Wii U

Two of EA’s top sports franchises will be making their way to Nintendo’s new console in the fall. Madden NFL 13 and FIFA Soccer 13 were shown off for the Wii U at the beginning of EA’s Summer Showcase.

Both games will include all of the features of the 360 and PS3 counterparts, coupled with some Wii U-exclusive functionality. Madden 13 Wii U’s exclusive features include using the touchscreen for more intuitive playcalling, custom hot routes, and on-the-fly defensive assignment changes.

FIFA Wii U marks the first time that the award-winning 360/PS3 FIFA engine is on a Nintendo platform FIFA 13 Wii U-specific features will impact every part of the game, from being able to view the entire field during a set-piece by lifting the Game Pad,  aiming at specific areas of the goal with the touchscreen, touchscreen passing, and real-time substitutions using the Game Pad’s tab-style menus.

FIFA Soccer 13 was also confirmed as a Wii U launch title, while Madden NFL 13 did not receive a release timeframe.

More from the EA Summer Showcase as it happens.