Limited Edition Ouya Console Added to Kickstarter Pledges, VEVO Support Announced

To celebrate the last week of their amazing Kickstarter page and surpassing $6 million in pledges, the Ouya team announced a new $140+ pledge option which will get you a limited edition brown brushed metal version of the open sourced console. Yves Behar picked the color out and it is only available during this last week of the funding run.

To get this limited edition Ouya, increase your pledge to at least $140 and ensure you choose the new option as your selected pledge. There are a few comments on the Kickstarter page asking about the more expensive pledges, such as the engraved controllers option, asking if they will receive the limited edition Ouya due to them exceeding the $140 pledge price.

As of this posting, these questions were not answered.

If you want to change your pledge or put in a new one, especially for this one-week limited edition version, head to the Kickstarter page and lay some money down. The funding ends on August 9th.

That isn’t all the Ouya team announced, though. The controller now features the letters O-U-Y-A to help with the color blind, a highly requested feature. Also, VEVO will be joining the initial support bandwagon and will be featured on the Ouya. This will bring the latest and greatest music videos to your TV, most likely with all of the ads.